Friday, 20 April 2012

Well And Truely Frilled...

What an amazing night Added Frills turned out to be. The Salacious Sirens had us laughing, whooping, perspiring and squirming in our seats, and what a delight those ladies are to draw! Beautifully put together music, poses and performances running seamlessly into each other, a fantastic turnout, this really was the best Life Drawing With Added Frills yet, thanks to those ever so talented sirens.

For those of you who missed out, and those of you who just cannot wait to do it all over again, the ladies will be back with us again in the summer and you can find out more about their other up and coming gigs here:

If you managed to make it down to the show thoroughly enjoyed yourself, why not take a moment to jot down your thoughts in my guest book

Thank you to everyone who made the night so special,

Betty x

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